Taylor Honors Society

West CampusThe Roger G. and Gaile T. Taylor Honors Program at Louisburg College encourages, communicates, and rewards academic excellence.The program offers enhanced learning and travel opportunities, as well as additional scholarship funding, to students who demonstrate a high level of interest, initiative, and ability.Honors students are expected to be actively involved in their educational experience. The program's director works with other faculty members to create engaging course offerings and will serve as the students' academic advisor.Students who complete the requirements of the program will receive an honors designation on their diplomas and transcripts and will receive special recognition at Commencement.

Louisburg College Honors Program Students receive academic, financial, technological, and experiential rewards.

Merit Scholarship

Honors Program students are awarded a merit scholarship each yearin recognition of their outstanding academic achievement. In order to keep this scholarship and remain in the Honors Program, students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average and earn no less than a "B" in any honors-designated course.

Honors Distinction on Transcript and Diploma

Students will receive an Honors notation on their transcripts and diplomas. Students who complete the program will also be recognized at Commencement with an Honors cord.

Travel Experiences

Members will enjoy all-expense paid educational travel experiences throughout the academic year.

Priority Registration

Honors Program students register for classes at the beginning of the registration period, which guarantees that students are able to create schedules that best meet their goals.

Dedicated Faculty Advisor/Freshman Seminar Facilitator

The Honors Program Director serves as faculty advisor to all Honors Program students. The Director also leads the students through the Freshman Seminar course that serves as a transition into the Honors Program and college life.

Enrollment in Honors Courses

Participants in the Honors Program complete four honors-designated courses during their two years at Louisburg. A minimum of two of these courses are open only to Honors Program students. During their first semester, students are enrolled in special honors sections of English and the First-Year Seminar course.

Additional Faculty-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

Faculty will offer cultural outings, giving students the opportunity to travel throughout the state and participate in a variety of experiences.

Service Learning Activities

Members of the Honors Program will be leaders on and off of campus. Designated as Louisburg Delegates, students will create positive change in the community through leadership and volunteer activities.

Special Training Sessions and Trips with our Great Futures Coach

Louisburg College's Great Futures Coach will plan training sessions, internships, and trips for Honors Program students. Students will learn about potential college majors and will have the opportunity to visit four-year universities in preparation for their next step in higher education. Honors program students will have the opportunity to complete internships with local businesses and non-profits that will support their educational and career goals.

Course Requirements

Honors Program students should complete 12 hours of honors coursework during their four semesters at Louisburg College. The 12 hours will be earned through honors-designated courses and honors-option courses. At least one honors-designated course will be offered each semester and will be reserved for honors students. In addition to honors-designated courses, students also have the opportunity to create honors-option courses by working individually with their professors to create an enhanced learning environment. Students should earn no less than a "B" in any honors course and they must maintain an overall grade point average of a 3.0 to participate in the program.

Experiential Learning Expectations

A well-rounded student participates in the full college experience by taking advantage of learning and social activities outside of the classroom. The Honors Program offers enhanced travel and cultural opportunities to its students. Honors Program students will participate in and lead a number of activities throughout their time at Louisburg College. A minimum number of activities will be required for students participating in the program.

Service Learning

During their second year, Honors Program students will complete a service learning project that will be facilitated by the program director. Students will have an opportunity to work in groups to serve the local community and to develop their leadership skills in a constructive and meaningful way

Louisburg College applicants with high standardized test scores and grades will be invited to apply to the Honors Program. All applicants meeting the minimum admission criteria will receive a letter with application information from the Admissions Office. Finalists will be invited for an on-campus interview in the spring.

For more information about the Honors Program or to receive application materials, please contact the Program Director:

Candace Jones(919) 497-3237